A mobile device can do much more than just let you view websites. With the right apps, you can also create and manage your own sites. Start with these four apps for mobile website management, so you can update your sites no matter where you are.


4 Apps for Mobile Website Management

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Price: Free

ConnectBot is a good option for administrators who need to connect to Secure Shell (SSH) clients running on UNIX-based servers. The app comes with several features that make it fairly easy to connect to your server from a smartphone. Some of the most important features include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts that make typing easier
  • Gesture support that recognizes specific movements on the touchscreen
  • Hot keys available for external keyboards
  • Ability to copy and paste between applications

This is one of the best apps for Android users who need to connect to servers on the go. The size of your screen can make it difficult to use some functions, so for the best results, use an Android smartphone with a large screen like the LG G4. Any device with a screen under five inches will probably leave you frustrated.


4 Apps for Mobile Website Management AndFTP

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Price: Free

It’s still difficult to beat FTP when transferring large files (or a large number of files) to a server. AndFTP makes it possible for webmasters to use FTP clients from their mobile devices. If you ever need to upload or download files quickly with your phone, then you need an FTP app like AndFTP.

There are other apps that offer similar features. This one stands out because it:

  • Can remember credentials to several servers for easier access
  • Offers multi-language support
  • Lets you run custom commands

You can download the regular version for free. If you opt for the Pro version, you can synchronize folders between devices. AndFTPPro costs $4.99.

WebMaster’s HTML Editor

4 Apps for Mobile Website Management Webmaster HTML

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Price: $4.99

Editing HTML is often difficult because it contains so many lines of similar text. With a standard text editor, you could spend hours looking for a small mistake that makes your site inoperable.

WebMaster’s HTML Editor gives you the features that you would expect from a professional text editor designed specifically for webmasters and programmers. The app comes with:

  • Syntax highlighting that identifies PHP, CSS, and JavaScript as well as HTML
  • A built-in system that for troubleshooting HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • An undo/redo feature for fixing small errors quickly

The editor can recognize several languages, including those native to Japan, China, and Central Europe.

SQLTool Pro Database Editor

4 Apps for Mobile Website Management SQLTool Pro Database

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Price: $3.99

SQLTool Pro Database Editor is similar to ConnectBot SSH Client, except that it lets you manage a wider range of databases, including:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Maria DB
  • Oracle
  • Derby
  • Sybase ASE

The Android app will also let you export table row data directly to a CSV file and create custom SL queries. If you need something a little more powerful than ConnectBot SSH Client, you can get improved features for just $3.99 by downloading this app.

While these are some of the top apps for mobile website management, you should always explore your options to make sure you choose an app that meets your unique needs.

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